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My child is in private school and is being bullied by kids at our district’s public school. What can I do?

If public school students are involved with bullying a child who is not a registered student in the pubic district, the school must still follow New York's Dignity for all Students Act (DASA) and take all necessary steps to stop the bullying. This was a recent ruling by Nassau County Supreme Court Justice Thomas Feinman, who further stated that DASA is not limited only to harassment and bullying that takes place on school property.

So even though your child is in private school, if he or she is being bullied by local public school children then you should definitely contact the school district. It is important to put them on notice of the situation, and this can best be done with written letters to the principal, superintendent and school board.

We have written a free parent resource that provides sample letters as well as other proven steps to take to help put an end to bullying.

Download it today: The Bullying Legal Guide

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