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My limo driver was texting and driving, can I sue?

If you were seriously injured due to a limo, taxi, or bus driver's negligence, including texting you should seek out full compensation for your injuries.  These "for- hire" drivers are no different than others driving on the road. They must obey the rules of the road.  In NY if you can prove that they were texting while driving, or talking on the cell phone and this is the cause of the accident, you have the wright to seek compensation for your injuries. Distracted driving remains a real problem on Long Island and in NYC, as well as the Bronx. You've paid a driver to take you to your destination safely.  Accidents may happen, but it should not be caused by the negligence of your driver.  If this happens you will want an experienced personal injury attorney to represent you and help you obtain maximum compensation for your injuries. We have the experience dealing with claims against the MTA, bus companies, taxi companies and limo drivers. Call us today at 516-222-4000 for a free no obligation consultation.

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