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My child was injured in a mosh pit at a New York concert. What is moshing, and can I sue for his injuries?

Moshing is an aggressive form of dancing where people push and slam into each other, usually to heavy metal or hardcore punk music. It often takes place at live concerts in an area designated as a mosh pit, though it can also spread throughout the venue.

Mosh pits can get very aggresive and have caused numerous accidents at Nassau Coliseum, Madison Square Garden, and the Meadowlands stadium.

If your child has been injured in a mosh pit, you may have a case against the venue. Concerts where moshing is expected to occur need to have proper security, crowd control, adequate lighting, and accessible exits.

We have represented people who were injured at Madison Square Garden, Nassau Coliseum and small dance venues around Long Island and New York City. Our firm has written a free report, Hitting Rock Bottom-Mosh Pit Injuries and Other Concert Accidents that further details what to do after concert injuries.

Contact us today for a free consultation and to get our free report on mosh pit and other concert injuries.

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