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My apartment building had a fire and I was badly injured. What are my rights?

If you were badly hurt in a fire in an apartment or rented home, you have tenant rights. Were you having problems with your electricity or appliances and already notified the landlord? Did he try to save costs by having unlicensed workers handle electrical wiring? Here are some other issues that may help you successfully collect money for your injuries and damages following a fire in your apartment:

  • Landlord’s failure to comply with fire codes
  • Lack of smoke detectors
  • Illegal apartments
  • Inadequate electrical wiring
  • Defective room or space heaters
  • Faulty appliances

Were you injured in a fire due to someone else’s negligence?

Our experienced Long Island burn injury lawyers are here to help you collect the maximum compensation you deserve. Our expert investigators will determine the cause of the  fire and document any code violations and other negligence to prove your case. We have helped numerous burn victims and their families collect money needed for medical costs, rehabilitation as well as pain and suffering. Contact us today for a free consultation. We will answer all your questions and let you know what you can expect from the legal process.


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