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My child was injured on a Long Island school trip. Can I sue?

As parents, we all expect our children to be safe when once we drop them off at school. When children are transported throughout Long Island for field trips and other off-campus school activities, it is especially important for the school to have proper supervision and safety procedures in place to ensure the children’s safety.

Whether your child is in elementary, middle, or high school, the school is not only responsible for your child’s safety within the confines of their school, but when they take on the responsibility of bringing your child on a trip. If an injury takes place due to poor supervision, or the school-appointed chaperones are being irresponsible or negligent in monitoring your children, there may be a strong case against the school. 

There are a several factors to consider, and there may be several parties that share the responsibility, including the school administration, the adults on the trip and the site of the trip (such as a museum).

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