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I've been in a motorcycle accident, what are my rights?

Unlike in a car accident, when in a motorcycle collision, you are not entitled to New York State's No-Fault insurance. No-Fault doesn't cover motorcyclists. Therefore, a motorcyclist must use his or her private insurance (if available) to pay for any accident related expenses. However, not being covered by No-Fault isn't entirely bad. When car operators get into accidents, No-Fault will cover their expenses. But, this coverage comes at a cost. Car drivers can not put forth claims of pain and suffering unless they have have sustained very severe or lifelong injuries. On the other hand, motorcycle accident victims are able to sue regardless of the severity of any injuries that have been sustained. To learn more about what rights you may have after a motorcycle accident, please read our page on "Motorcycle Accidents" or contact our New York and Long Island motorcycle accident attorneys.  

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