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I was injured at a Long Island restaurant. Can I sue for my injuries?

restaurant slip and fallThere are several ways that you, as a customer or patron, can hold a business establishment responsible for your injuries:

A business creates a dangerous condition themselves, such as a waiter spilling a hot drink on you or dropping dishes on the floor that cause you to slip and hurt yourself.

A dangerous condition exists, such as a broken chair or loose floor tile, that was left unfixed for months. Usually witnesses can help provide support for these claims. However, if it just started raining, and the floor is slippery because some people have come in with wet shoes, the place might not be held responsible. They were not given enough warning to fix the problem.

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To sue a business, you need to prove they knew or should have known about the problem that caused your injury, and they were negligent in taking care of it in a timely manner.

To find out more about your specific case, contact our slip and fall lawyers for a free consultation. Each case must take into account the special factors and circumstances of that incident. We can discuss your legal options and answer all your questions.

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