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I tripped at Macy's because the carpet was worn out or the flooring was cracked. Can I sue?

Macy's has several locations on Long Island, including Walt Whitman Mall, Roosevelt Field Mall, Smith Haven Mall and Broadway Mall amongst others. The department store, and any retail store, has an obligation to take reasonable steps to keep its patrons safe. Some questions to ask:

  • Did the store know about a dangerous carpet/tiling but fail to fix it?
  • Had the carpet/tiling been in need of repair for quite some time?
  • Did the store or mall itself cause the dangerous condition,perhaps moving a heavy display or new shipment of goods caused the carpet to tear, or created a crack in the tile?

If you believe the store was negligent, give us a call to discuss your case. We’ll let you know your legal options and the best course of action to take to get the compensation you deserve. There is never a charge or obligation for our consultations—we are always willing to take calls to answer questions as well.

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