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I don’t think my loved one is being abused, but I believe they are being neglected in a nursing home. Can something be done?

Yes, it's critical that you reach out to legal aid and put and end to dangerous situation.

There is a fine line between abuse and neglect, and neglect can often end up being classified as abuse if it ends up with actual harm as a result. 

Some Examples When Neglect Turns to Abuse: 

  • Failure to provide nourishment results in starvation.
  • Failure to properly adjust a patient’s position can end in bedsores that can cause excruciating pain and become infected.
  • Patients that aren’t properly attended to can suffocate, can fall and injure themselves, or worse.

If you suspect neglect of your loved one at a nursing home or an assisted living facility, call us for help getting your loved one the care that they deserve and compensation for injuries.

neglect at a nursing home 

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