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How do I know if my accident attorney is doing a good job?

The Intenet is one easy way to get an idea of your lawyer's reputation and see how they are regarded by both clients and other lawyers. You can check legal sites such as Avvo.com or Nolo.com, peer-reviewed sites such as Matindale.com, as well as general sites like Google Places and Yelp! to see what clients have to say.

As far as how they are handling your car accident case, it is important that you have an open relationship with your lawyer. When you call him or her it is important that they get back to you within a day or two. It is also important that you ask your lawyer what stage your case is in and to find out approximately when your case will be put into suit and when your case will go on the trial calendar. You lawyer should be willing to share this information with you. You can also check the public record to see if you case has been filed. If your lawyer is not communicating with you or not handling your case how you would like, you should schedule an appointment to speak with them in person and discuss your expectations. These are your rights and your lawyer works for you.

If at any time you are so unhappy with your lawyer that you want to switch lawyers, that is not only your right, but very easy to do. And there is never any extra fee--you keep your original agreement and the lawyers, or a judge if necessary, work out how they split their share of the verdict or settlement.

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