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Read These 8 Back to School Driving Safety Tips

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Back to school driving safety tipsThe start of a new school year can be an extremely dangerous time for drivers. More vehicles suddenly fill the roads, buses begin transporting students to and from school, and new teen drivers finally get their first chance to drive without parent supervision. This can cause frustration, anxiety, and most important, car accidents. To keep you and your family safe, check out these back to school driving safety tips.

1. Give yourself more time to arrive at your destination

With more cars on suddenly on the road, your commute will likely take a longer amount of time. Give yourself ample breathing room to get to your destination each morning. This will ensure that you do not need to weave in and out of traffic — endangering yourself and others — to get where you need to go on time.

2. Be a good example

Teach good driving habits to your child, regardless of age, so that they can practice safe driving when they are finally able to hit the road on their own.

A recent study by Liberty Mutual found that children will mirror their parents’ behavior — especially driving behaviors. You talk on the phone, your kids will likely talk on the phone. You drive without a seatbelt, your children will likely drive without a seatbelt.

3. Set expectations

Make it known upfront that your child should never, under any circumstances, text and drive. Setting these expectations early can help them avoid serious accidents later. Ensure there are consequences for any violations.

And again, make sure that you set a good example. Never text and drive.

4. Watch for school zones

Remember to watch out for flashing signs when driving through school zones. The speed limit through these areas is often much lower as there is more activity happening here and students, parents, and faculty driving in and out.

Keep your speed low and always scan the area for pedestrians.

5. Always check your surroundings

Be sure to always use your backup camera or check behind you at schools. Remember that the parking lots and roads are much fuller when the school year starts with plenty of other drivers trying to get to their destinations too.

6. Be alert for bicyclists

Some students or teachers may choose to bike to and from school. Always be extra cautious and watch for bicyclists on the.

7. Respect stop signs and crossing guards

Do not let being in a rush cause you to be involved in an accident. Always be sure to stop at stop signs and when a crossing guard tells you to.

8. Be active in your teen’s driver education and experience

When sending your teens out on the road, it is important for you to stay in touch with their driving habits and their experiences.

Make sure your children are leaving for school on time so that they do not have to rush to avoid being late to class.

Also, help them determine the quickest and safest routes to and from school.

Communicating with your teenage driver can help them avoid common mistakes that many drivers make when the back to school rush starts to seem overwhelming.

If you practice these eight back to school driving tips, you can make the roads safer for you and your loved ones.

For more information about driver safety, check out our blog and library.

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